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I have never met a rock I did not like.

I have never met a rock I did not like, I have enjoyed collecting for most of my life. In school my experiences with the science teacher who encouraged me versus the art teacher who ignored me, helped me decide between teaching science and clothing design.

In the field of Earth Science one can go from mountains(Macro) to microscopically thin specimens (Micro) depending on ones passion.

I have always enjoyed their beauty and their mysteries. Every rock has its own story and if one is lucky you can research and begin to unravel the details.

The focus of my rock shop is local specimens and their counter parts from other mines. Copper and Iron ore from the Upper Peninsula and Arizona. Lake Superior Agates and agates from other states and countries. Fossils from Michigan(Petoskey Stones), other states and other countries.

There is a very simplistic rock phrase I share with my visitors and customers: Most of the rocks-stones that we are attracted to are a Quartz with an impurity, and physically something weird in the rock cycle has happened to them.

I am here to share my love of rocks with you.

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