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Get Rocks from the Upper Peninsula and from around the world at RedBarn Rocks

Local rocks:

Native Copper, various sizes and forms from the different Upper Peninsula copper mines.

Iron ore , Hematite, Jaspalite,Goethite, Magnetite also from the various Iron mines in the UP.

Kona Dolomite from the Kona Hills in Marquette Co.

Lake Superior Agates

Local Selenite

Petoskey Stones

Non local rocks:

After visiting various sources the Red Barn Rocks carry many types of

Copper ore from Arizona, Azurite, Chrysocolla, Malachite,Turquoise and occasional Cuprite. and also from China and Africa

Quartz, Agates and Jaspers from Brazil and Madagascar

Different forms of rocks: Spheres, Beads, Slabs,Cabs, Votives

Fossils: Ammonites, and Fossil Corals


Call me today for help to expand your rock collection. Karen Boaz at 906-892-8455

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