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Gems and Crystals worth Collecting

Minerals, Crystals, and Gems

Our Earth’s crust consists of an aggregate of Minerals from the basic material in the star dust that formed our solar system and planets.

Any Mineral allowed to develop unhindered will form a three dimensional shape called a Crystal. If a Crystal satisfies these three requirements: beauty, durability and rarity it is classified as a Gemstone.

Crystals grow or enlarge by a process similar to that of a Pearl. Pearls grow from a single grain of sand, adding one layer at a time. Crystals form one atom at a time. The size of a Crystal depends on the rate of growth, slower equals larger.

The main factor affecting Crystal growth is called hydrothermal action, in other words, very high heat and very high pressure. This super hot solution with heavily charged elements (atoms and minerals) is forced through micro cracks and veins. As this solution is displaced and its temperature and pressure dissipated, Crystals will start to grow out of the aqueous solution.

An example which can be done at home: make a supersaturated sugar solution (dissolve as much sugar as possible in very hot water). When this solution cools, sugar crystals will start to form.

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