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Crystals for Health and Healing

Crystals for Health and Healing

When we hold a Crystal, we are in touch with the atoms and elements and the forces that shaped our planet.

Our modern world would not be possible without using Crystals, from computers, smart- phones, engines, lasers, and space shuttles, and

this just names a few.

Even though there is no established system within the field of Crystal Healing, Crystal Healing is a continuation of our human interest with Minerals, Crystals and Gemstone throughout history. Many believe Crystals will enhance the body’s own healing ability, reduce stress and improve one’s quality of life. Healers and therapists have used crystals for aliments, afflictions and karma for ages.

Although Crystals look static, like they have no motion, they are the most stable form of a Mineral; their electrons are in constant vibration. Heat and or light, even sounds, may stimulate these electrons to become conductors. Within the structure of each crystal lattice, there are vortices and currents of energy held in place until some kind of extra input allows them to manifests in energetic guises. Today solid state physics is beginning to reveal the mechanisms that healers and sensitives have subjectively experienced for millennia.

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