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A Crystal is defined by its internal structure, which directly influences the exterior form. It is made up of atoms that have bonded together into REGULAR, REPEATING PATTERNS and t is these patterns that create a crystal solid form with flat faces, which are arranged in a precise geometry.

Crystals can form only from a gas or liquid solution because only in that states are atoms free to arrange themselves into a stable relationship with each other.

A Crystal will always have the same fundamental internal order of atom structure lattices no matter what it looks like—whether it is perfect, misshapen, battered, chipped, or if it is perfectly clear, cloudy or colored.

A Crystal lattice is built up of very rapidly when one or two atoms take up a set pattern of bonding together. Other atoms of the same elements are attracted to this cell, and so the crystal builds up layer upon layer of repeating parts.

When all available elements have been used, or when temperatures and pressures change in the surroundings, the crystal growth stops, leaving its outermost atoms as the flat external faces.

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