Many people become interested in crystal healing because one or two stones or crystals attracted their attention as simply beautiful or interesting objects. I like to say “this rock/crystal speaks to you.”

Some collect crystals to decorate their homes, while others become fascinated with their variety of shapes and colors. It is easy to find yourself with a growing collection of rocks and crystals of all sizes and shapes. You may notice that you have become interested in the way the energy of your crystals might affect you.

Pay attention to those stones that are very attractive to you because they will probably be the ones that are in tune with the current state of balance and energy with your body. Similarly, notice those stones that you instinctively dislike, since these will often represent energy with which you cannot cope with at the moment but may need to adjust to in time. The following guidelines will help you organize a working collection of stones for use in healing and self development.

Mineral Specimens: Mineralogical specimens are interesting examples of minerals in native bedrock, also called in matrix. They can add great energy and atmosphere to a room but may not add much within healing situations.

Natural Single Crystals: These are crystals that have been removed from their matrix and from any surrounding crystals, but have not been altered or worked on.

Worked Crystals: The most common form of worked gemstones can be found either in jewelry or in gem and mineral stores. They could be found as polished or tumbled pebbles of semi precious stones. Tumbled stones look similar pebbles worn smooth by water. One can take damaged crystals or pieces of stone and then polish them either by placing in a revolving drum tumbler or using rouge and a fabric wheel on a free standing grinder. Single large crystal are repolished or ultrasonically cleaned to reveal their internal clarity.

Whatever a crystal may look like, the internal structural harmony is the same for each example of that mineral. Some people choose the finest examples, others are happy with battered stones that are full of character.

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