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National Geologists Day

From the earth’s crust to deep into its core, we

Recognize Geologists Day on the first Sunday in April.

Geologists study the history, structure, and impact of other processes on the earth. Their discoveries and research play an essential role in our daily lives. Geology blends well with other sciences such as chemistry and physics. In fact, they are necessary for agriculture, architecture and weather prediction.

Those who pursue a geology degree open up a wide range of careers. From oceanography to NASA, education, government, and research, geology offers a worldview to applicants.

Hobbyists and enthusiasts have a place in geology, too. Even amateur geologists contribute to the science from time to time. That’s part of the intrigue of geology and why we celebrate the day.

HOW TO OBSERVE Geologists Day

Learn something from a geologist or about one of their discoveries. Visit a museum to learn about paleontology or how our earth is changing. If you’re a geologist, share your knowledge and skills with someone interested in geology.

Families and educators, challenge students to identify these rocks and minerals. Down load and print the worksheet or view it on the web. When you finish, discover other rocks and minerals and keep the fascination alive.

Use #GeologistsDay to share on social media.


The USSR first declared Geologist Day in 1966. From there, the observance spread around the world.

The timing of the holiday, the first Sunday in April, was chosen because it marks the end of winter and beginning of preparation for summer field work and expeditions.

Geologists Day is traditionally celebrated in almost all geological and mining organizations of the former Soviet Union with festivities starting at the end of preceding week. With tens of thousands of geologists from the former Soviet Union working around the world, the tradition of celebrating the Geologists Day is becoming more international.

In addition to geologists, many others involved in related fields also consider this day as their professional holiday and celebrate it.

First Sunday in April is National Geologists Day. We’re not supposed to be wandering around town looking for ore, and many yards are covered with grass. But you can learn more about virtual minerals at There’s a section for kids and areas for geology and culture and geodiversity.

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