7 Rock Books for these difficult times

During these difficult times while we are all sheltering in place, we will get to enjoy some of the "house keeping" aspects of our Rock-Mineral-Fossil collections. Here are suggestions for 7 different Rock Books you might want to add to your collection.

I know that my collections are in various stages of being cleaned, organized, labeled, stored/exhibited. What was once a chore or duty can become a welcomed diversion and activity.

Where to start? We can start with some of the books we own or refer to the list of suggested books for a new and fresh approach.

Usually found in the front section of most Rock-Mineral-Fossil books, one will find the common headings of : Collecting Rocks and Minerals. Equipment? Organization, Storage and Cleaning. What is a Rock ? What is a Mineral?, Mineral (Rock) Groups and Associations, Classifying Minerals(Rock), Identifying Minerals(Rocks).

These are just a few of "Suggested Rock Books" for collecting, once you start looking you will find others. My reason for collecting several books, often aimed at different reading levels, is for the information and examples. Each book seems to present the information differently, and you will find that "ah ha" moment when thru your search, the answer to your question or questions become a lot more clear.

Rocks, minerals and fossils have a timeless fascination. These books major features are their two extensive visual directories - one on rocks and minerals and one on fossils.

Each profile features a superb color photograph for easy identification. Handy information boxes give facts and figures such as type and location, and detailed artworks and reconstructions show the structure-type of rocks, and how each fossil originally looked.

Enjoy reviewing most of the sections about Rocks-Mineral-Fossils, but where we are headed is the ORGANIZATION, STORAGE & CLEANING section with a quick check on "Equipment" as one goes by those pages (is it time to add or up-date?

1.The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Rocks and Minerals

2.Smithsonian Nature Guide: Rocks and Minerals, Ronald Louis Bonewitz

3. American Nature Guides: Rocks and Minerals, Michael O'Donoghue

4. Eyewitness Handbooks, Rocks and Minerals, Chris Pellant

5. Collecting Rocks, Gems, and Minerals, Patti Polk

6. My Book of Rocks and Minerals, Dr. Devin Dennie

7. Agates Inside Out, by Karen A. Brzys